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Communication Skills:
including email correspondence, phone and in-person verbal correspondence, customer service, public speaking, communicating messages to others in a variety of mediums, and limited-proficiency Spanish.
  • Through my experience as a board member on the Deep End Productions board of directors, I have had to communicate my thoughts on a myriad of topics to the rest of the board, but also to the members of our organization. As the PR/Marketing director, it is my job to successfully communicate our events to prospective patrons to get the word out about our productions. 

  • During my summers at both the Seattle Children's Theatre (SCT) and the Children's Theatre of Charlotte (CTC), I have had to communicate through email, on the phone, and in-person encounters frequently with parents of students/campers, the students/campers themselves, teaching artists, other administrators, and sometimes partnership organizations. 

  • As an actress, my skills in public speaking are a part of my job. In my theatrical education, I have learned techniques in how to project the voice and keep my voice healthy. Through my many classes that focus on in-class presentations, I have developed the ability to confidently present my findings or research to a group of my peers and receive constructive criticism.

Skill Examples:


At Children's Theatre of Charlotte, I was asked how to best communicate with parents and students on social media about lost and found items needing to be picked-up. Through the creative medium of a mock fashion-show video, I was successfully able to communicate to families the items that we had left at the theatre through a fun and engaging video:

Skill Examples:


For an Arts Management class project, a small group and I wrote a grant for a small up-and-coming theater company (The World's Stage Theatre Company, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Through this grant, we were able to successfully communicate the organization's goals and mission through writing:

Behavioral Skills:
including attention to detail, teamwork, planning, commitment and dedication to projects, organization, communication and people skills, time management, creativity,
directing, flexibility, decision-making, improvisation,
proactivity, leadership, management, responsibility, facilitation, coordination, teaching, and
following directions.
  • Through my time at St. Olaf and through my outside experiential learning experiences (at SCT and CTC), I have developed these skills through every class I have taken. Both management studies and theater courses have emphases in group project work. This allows for these behavioral skills to blossom in academia.

  • As a director on the Deep End board of directors, I both work with a group and as an individual director of my own department. This requires all of these skills to be used constantly.

  • Additionally, through my outside experiences, these skills were essential daily in my jobs as an Administrative Intern and later as a full-time summer Administrative Assistant.

Skill Examples:


Creativity was essential in my internship at Seattle Children's Theatre. For example, a fellow intern and I were asked to create an Educator Resource Guide activity sheet for teachers to provide their students when they would come to see shows at the theatre. To supplement the theatre's professional production of Pinocchio, my partner Lauren Hochberg and I created the following activity sheet to help engage students and give them a fun way to continue to connect to the performance that they saw at home and in the classroom:

Skill Examples:


As a member on the executive board of Deep End Productions, I am in charge of producing quality student theater and staying true to our mission to bring theater to all parts of St. Olaf's campus. I took charge on Deep End's first-annual fall 24 Hour Theater Project, which was a huge success for the organization. I designed the poster, as well as was the primary co-organizer/creator of the event:

Noelle (above, in the polka-dot dress) leading the introductory session of Deep End Productions' 24 Hour Theater Project.

Noelle (above, in the polka-dot dress) leading the introductory session of Deep End Productions' 24 Hour Theater Project.

The well-attended final performance of the 24 Hour Theater Project.

Computer Programs:
  • Microsoft Office: Outlook, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel (basics), Windows Movie Maker
  • Tessitura
  • Talisma Donor2
  • Adobe Photoshop (basics)
  • Final Cut Pro X (basics)
  • Google Drive/Documents
  • iPhone
Skill Examples:


For my Art 104 Foundations of New Media class, we were asked to create an abstract "music video" for a selection of a song of our choice using Final Cut Pro X. (Note: I do not claim ownership of the music selection):

Skill Examples:


For my Art 104 Foundations of New Media class, I learned the basics of Photoshop. As a project, we were asked to create a piece using Photoshop with the theme of our "identity." Below is my final Photoshop project from the unit titled "Take It/Me:"

Artistic Skills:
including accepting criticism, collaboration, conducting research, examining and discussing theatrical and artistic works, graphic design, meeting deadlines, proposing creative solutions to visual or movement-based problems, providing written and verbal feedback to students on their theatrical works, and representing concepts visually.
  • In the St. Olaf Theater Department, we are often asked to compose work in group-based settings. Whether these works are presentations about historical periods in theatre, set design models, scenes from plays or scenes written by the students, etc., this list of skills are just some of the things that I have learned from being in this academic and artistic environment. Some examples of these skills in action include:

    • Working as a TA for the Introduction to Acting course this year, I have learned how to give written and verbal constructive criticism to peers younger than me and earlier in their theatrical development.

    • From my Stage Direction courses, I have learned how to visually conceptualize stories and moments on stage. I have learned how to communicate these thoughts to actors clearly, and how to experiment with different ways of reaching the same objective.

    • In all of my acting courses, I have learned how to give peers feedback in class discussions. Collaboration is key, as often we stage and create pieces together and must mesh our artistic thought-processes.


Skill Examples:


The objective of the Intermediate Acting class at St. Olaf is to direct a one-act play. I directed the first act of a full-length play. Throughout the process I managed the schedules of the actors, was the designer for sound/lights/set and the stage manager for the performance, gave constructive criticism through notes to the actors in the performance, and made executive decisions about the final product. Below are examples of my blocking and set plans for the production, and a photo from the show itself:

Actors Dominic Bower (L) and Seton Fitzmacken (R).

Skill Examples:


For my Intro to Design class, I used James Joyce's short story The Boarding House as a basis to create a set-design computer and white card model. The design was based off of research I conducted on the time period, setting, and location of the story, as well as an in-depth analysis of the text to see what was necessary in the set to tell the story:

Marketing/Advertising Skills:
including social media (Facebook, website-updates, blogs), graphic design (posters, programs, tickets, educational supplement hand-outs/worksheets, etc.), and marketing knowledge (see the Coursework tab for more information about the marketing subjects covered).
  • As the PR/Marketing Director on the Deep End board of directors, I create the designs for many of our posters, and all of our programs, and ticketing. When I am not the creator of an artistic product, I am the one that contracts that work to be done by another designer. I also manage our social media sites, such as Facebook, pages.stolaf.edu/deependapo (which includes our linked Twitter account and news blog).

  • At my Administrative Assistant position at CTC, I was the creator of many children's educational supplement guides for our youngest summer campers (ages 3-5). I created the signs to guide visitors and parents around the building on show days. Additionally, I worked with a colleague to design a poster for the high school production of Sweeney Todd: School Edition.

  • As the Administrative Intern at SCT, I created handouts detailing what available classes we had open for the rest of the summer (a new sheet every week based on the changing registration numbers). 


Skill Examples:


As PR/Marketing Director of Deep End Productions, I contract designers for the creation of posters to advertise for Deep End's season of performances. I contracted designer and photographer Jesse Landa to create the following posters for Deep End Productions for the 2014-2015 season:

Skill Examples:


Facebook posts on the Children's Theatre of Charlotte official page to involve and engage parents, community members, and campers/students in an online conversation:

Skill Examples:


In my Marketing class, we were split into teams to compete in a Target Corporation marketing plan project. As a part of this project, my team and I (Apex Marketing) created a marketing plan for Target to address its changing demographics. We placed second out of six teams in the competition:

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