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Albatross Theatre Lab's Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg

Fall 2018 at The Slate Theatre in Seattle.

"If Three Days of Rain, directed by Simon Irving, is anything to go by, Albatross has great things ahead of it...McCabe encapsulates the the exhausted housewife Nan, tired of being the caretaker of a brother who doesn’t want to be saved and showing off an enviable ability project judgement with the arch of a single eyebrow. This production was a year in the making, something that shows in the sheer quality of the acting as the the three-person ensemble moves into the second act."

"Three Days of Rain Forecast: A Quality Production"


Photos by Laura Dux Photography.

The Bathhouse Ensemble's Proof by David Auburn

August 2016 at Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse Theater on Green Lake

Seattle Public Theater's The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
"Though its set is spare and its setting threadbare, the production by Seattle Public Theater boasts exemplary performances by Noelle McCabe and Izabel Mar..."

- John Levesque, Seattle P.I.

"‘Radio City’ = spectacle; ‘Christmas Pageant’ = special," December 16, 2009 


Photography by Tim Mar.

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